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turquoise feeling by the light by magXlander turquoise feeling by the light by magXlander
I wanted so badly doing a new theme about a home with a nicely beautiful blue color that I came out with this... an eccentric home dedicated to a blue turquoise world!!

Something tells me that it might be cozy... maybe in a tropical house! Who knows? :relax:

Now about you I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there are some girls who may live in some place where almost everything is in blue tones... because maybe they don't like so much that their famous pink side. I'm just guessing... so don't blame me! :blush:

I wonder now if the most sweet and gorgeous girls enjoy blue feeling and it'll be funny to know what they thing of this kind of blue? he he he

Personalty, related with the work I don't like much that chair , and I can try to find another thing that suits better or maybe you can even suggest other alternative.:faq:

What are your ideas? Nevertheless, just hope you like these fine blue tones. :pencil:

Wallpaper improved for 1600x1200 resolution.


Stock used:
Friendly Scrap- New Freebies Green Kit - Green Day Gifts [link]
Friendly Scrap- New Freebies Kit - I Love Flowers [link]
Shopping Bag Icon Free PSD - [link]
7 Vintage Backgrounds - [link]
Refraction Sphere PSD by ~gusti-boucher on dA [link]
magazine template psd 2500px by ~kadox on dA [link]
PSD Clipart - Old Leather Furniture [stock got elsewhere]
girl picture: Bésame Lingerie - 2011 Catalog. [link] (offline)


Please, comment, it doesn't take long... and if your eyes were not hypnotized by the so much singular blue... :giggle:
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October 23, 2011
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