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Shannon Stewart cowgirl+ Inc. by magXlander Shannon Stewart cowgirl+ Inc. by magXlander
I wanted badly to try something different, surely related to a commercial or a different kind of promotion that is somehow far behind than sexy.

The idea turned into what you are viewing now. I found it quite interesting because it's amazingly funny giving a good job and/or a new life to someone that actually has nothing to do with it neither shows anything similar or related to this new status.

While I was thinking on such things, suddenly I just came across the perfect wallpaper of Shannon that made me instantly knew what another good skill I would love seeing on her.

So, I gave to this very special hot lady an original and extended work that goes along with her shoots as a cowgirl. Afterall, she can do much more than just being another hottie performing as a regular cowgirl. Although we all know how that costumes on girls can be always pretty. ;-)

Given the result, I think Shannon does perfectly well her new sexy advertisement about her extraordinary business on wood artworks in such extremely hot outfit! I just wonder if she would mind to wear such thing most of the time? :lol:

Definitively, she shows good taste for glamorous clothes that even follow her quality wood works!

What do you have to say about this?
By me, I'll only say -Oh Yeah! I want to request her professional services, but for improving my crumbling mansion! :D

And about you? Share your ideas... ;)

Sources: Shannon Stewart pictures and wallpapers


I just realized now and After so long time here...  WTF!? - Fine Wood Wors!!! - What the L was I thinking??? LOL I must update this wallpaper... someday! Now I have to go to find the source file again!! But the biggest, unbelievable crazy thing is how people even dare to download it! OMFG! Whoa!!! :laughing:
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September 1, 2011
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